Precor TRM 833 Treadmill Arrives in Used Market

Great news for all of those Precor fitness equipment fans out there, their latest line of products have begun to trickle into the used gym equipment market. This means you should start to see them listed on the likes of eBay, Craig’s List and other online market places where used goods are peddled; however, this could also be bad news for the unsuspecting consumer! Why, well…while purchasing a used commercial treadmill would normally be considered a wise choice and in some cases even an investment; there has been a lesser band of business made up of mostly smaller companies that have begun to sell used fitness equipment online under somewhat obscure condition labels? Conditions such as factory serviced, or factory inspected are amongst those foggy distinctions used to catch you off guard. Using such terms to describe the condition of a used treadmill or exercise bike is not the issue; after all you have to describe the condition somehow, the lines become blurred where you try to compare conditions and pricing to try to calculate value. Our advice here is to ask questions, questions related to production; namely what has been done to the treadmill or bike as far as production is concerned. Was the frame powder-coated or sprayed (you would hope it was powder-coated)? Are the rollers and motors rebuilt and are those bearings replaced? Was the alternator rebuilt? Read the descriptions and warranty documentations carefully, believe it; there are only a handful of really qualified re-manufactures of used fitness equipment out there!

The good news is that these newer Precor products entering the used arena are the first of the Experience Series 830 Line treadmills. I would expect that Global Fitness would be the first used fitness equipment company to get them onto the market in fully remanufactured condition. There are no fuzzy distinctions here, we do it all and stand behind our products. The Precor TRM 833 treadmill is the first of the Experience Series 830 Line that we have begun production on and we expect them to ship by weeks end.

The Experience Series 830 Line is where tried and true technology and performance gets a fresh look and feel – along with a technology update that’s fit for today. The Precor TRM 833 delivers a smooth and responsive running performance with the added benefit of Integrated Footplant Technology (IFT), a newly developed system by Precor that makes each step feel more natural, balanced and in-control. The Precor TRM 833 is also equipped with Ground Effects Impact Control (GFX). The TRM 833 is built with exceptional durability, comfort and ease-of-use to meet all exercise goals. The rear deck hinges and front cushioning create a laterally stable platform to reduce shock to runner and provides a firm push off while the deck itself is a one-inch Slik-Dek bed composed of 52 lb. high -density fiberboard core with phenolic laminate bonded on both sides. The Precor TRM 833 Deck and belt require no external lubrication and can be flipped to double life. This Seigling E8 special weave multi-ply polyester belt, with dry lubricant integrated into the material, is exclusive to Precor.

Precor TRM 833 Treadmill Console with PVS

The Precor TRM 833 boasts a 15 inch personal viewing LCD

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